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General experience of Pluriconsult

Pluriconsult is a Romanian consultancy company established in 2003 aiming at providing policy, programme and project evaluation (both for the public sector and the NGO sector), as well as human resources development consultancy. The evaluation services of Pluriconsult are connected to the international practice of evaluation, but the company is also very actively involved in the development of the national professional networking in evaluation (see

As a result of this close connection both to the national and the international evaluation community, the company is building highly professional evaluation teams capable to carefully address the clients’ demands.

The main assignments Pluriconsult is prepared to undertake are the followings:

  • short and complex M&E
  • M&E training
  • assistance in designing an evaluation system
  • assistance in designing evaluation guides
  • assistance for commissioning evaluation
  • strategic evaluation
  • participatory evaluation
  • organisational and HR assessment
  • public policy design.
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